Let’s Make a Tie-Dye Tzedaka Bank Box

As soon as I saw this shadow box bank, I knew I wanted to make it into a tzedaka box. One that not only collects money to help repair the world, but also doubles as a fun piece of art for our living room. You ready for this next “tie-dye” project? I am! 

So it’s not tie-dye in the traditional sense, but I think but looking at the photos you get what I’m saying. The splashes of paint totally have a tie-dye look to them. What I really love about this project was how easy it was to make. From start to finish, I’d say maybe 15 minutes. What??? Yeah. It’s that easy. 

First, I picked out three spray paint colors that went with my living room. In this case, turquoise, light pink, and coral. Then, I decided on a paint pen color (gold) that would pop with those colors. 

Since I cannot write words with any elegance, I created a template that reads, “Tzedak, Tzedak Tirdof” with some funky little organic shapes. I printed the template and placed it behind the glass so I could trace it with the gold paint pen. It dried pretty much immediately, so no smudges, yay!

Click here to download a free tzedaka box template.

Then, I took everything outside and opened the frame (the glass is attached to mine) to paint the inside. All I did was randomly spray dots and little stripes with each of the paint colors until the glass was completely covered. I put the back on and that was it! 

Obviously, you’ll want to give it a day or so before you start putting money inside to make sure the paint is cured. It would be a bummer to scratch it right after making it! But you’ll probably be so excited about your new tzedaka box that it’ll be hard to wait that long. Trust me, even my kiddo was ready to start adding coins right away!

I hope you loved this week’s project! If so, you totally need to check out blogger Kara from A Kailo Chic Life since she does a lot of spray paint tie-dye projects. Then, let me know what you think of this latest DIY in the comments below. Share photos of your take on the project with me on Instagram (@rinoutloud), too!

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