DIY Aesthetic TGIShabbat Sweatshirt

It’s time for another summer craft! Are we already halfway through summer? Yes. Is that going to stop us? No way! Especially if tie-dye is involved.

It’s been a month since my last DIY project because I spent the first half of this summer on lots of shop updates for all three of my stores. Things are looking really cleaned up and awesome, and I even became a Star Seller in my Rin Out Loud shop. In order to qualify, I had to hit a sales goal, get great reviews, and ship things quickly. Which really just means that everyone who shopped with me in the last 3 months loved what they were buying! So honestly, the credit goes to my awesome customers. Thanks everyone!

Okay, so back to the blogging. As I said, I have 2 tie-dye projects for you this month. Today’s project is a traditional tie-dye project, whereas the next one involves paint. Just gonna leave that little teaser right there for ya.

I started off with a plain old white sweatshirt and a pastel tie-dye kit. I laid the sweatshirt flat and scrunched it from top to bottom to get the striped look. Then, I used the green, blue, and purple colors. Following package directions, I let the color sit, then washed and dried it.

Next, I created a cute little *aesthetic* graphic (that’s what the kids call it these days, right?) to put on it. Since this sweatshirt is for my daughter, we came up with a design together. I think it turned out super cute! The funky letters and little chunky loaf of challah really go well together. I used my Cricut to cut out the image on heat transfer vinyl, but you can also use a stencil to paint directly onto the fabric with fabric paint.

Click here to go to the Cricut project page.

Click here to download the free template.

Even though the sweatshirt reads “TGIShabbat” (as in Thank Goodness It’s Shabbat), I’m pretty sure my daughter is going to wear this throughout the week.

Happy crafting and I’ll see you in a few days with the next craft! Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram (@rinoutloud) if you make this sweatshirt.

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