“The Art of Leaving” by Ayelet Tsabari

If you thought I was going to do a Mother’s Day read without doing a Father’s Day one, think again! Only I have to say that this one is more in memory of a father than one of becoming closer. Here’s to all of the fathers who are their children’s heroes.

Ayelet is born and raised to a large, loving Yemeni-Jewish family in Jerusalem in the seventies. She loves writing, playing with her friends, and, most especially, her father. At the age of ten, her father passes away and she begins a tumultuous twenty-year journey of self-discovery through the art of leaving. She begins her nomadic lifestyle that after a rough two years in the Israeli Defense Forces. In her travels abroad, she finds herself restless and unable to feel attached to anyone or anything, including her heritage. In her thirties, she finally finds her tether, begins a family of her own, and starts to connect to her roots.

While there are many themes regarding motherhood in throughout The Art of Leaving, it is arguably her relationship with her father and her loss of him that drives her through this particular story. You can feel the underlying pain and restlessness throughout the story until the end where she comes to reconcile with it and move forward. While I am not personally able to identify with her lifestyle, I think that many of us have can relate to the loss of a loved one and how it has shaped our lives.

Next month, I hope to return to fiction. Gotta help you find a good summer read! But until then, happy Father’s Day and keep sharing your latest reads with me! As you know, I love a good book.

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