The Cutest (& Easiest!) Dollar Store Faux Succulent Placecards

Which came first, the Shavuot fondue or the succulent placecards? Just kidding, it all sort of took shape together. Which is why you get a double Shavuot feature today!

I’ve only been eyeing these adorable faux succulents at my local dollar store all spring. All I needed was a time and place for them. Then, 2 weeks ago, it all came together. I saw the bags of little green rocks in the same section and remembered my chalk pen at home. Yes, the same one I’ve been using to count the Omer!

Once I brought those home, I dug through my stash of jars (everyone has one, right?) and found the ones I liked best for the project. These may have come from a dollar store at one point, but I think I’ve also seen some at IKEA. Anywho, these were so easy to make. Like, less than 10 minutes to make. And they look super cute!

Using the chalk pen, I wrote a name on each of the clean jars. Then, I filled them up to the top with the green pebbles. Finally, I trimmed the succulent stems to fit and “planted” them into the jars. That’s it!

I love how they turned out. One can only imagine the many different ways these could be used: wedding placecards, party favors, teacher gifts…the possibilities are for the taking. If you love this craft, tell me about it in the comments below! Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram (@rinoutloud) if you make your own set.

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