A Retro Shavuot Fondue Tablescape

Shavuot is coming, and I’m ready to eat all the cheese. Especially if it’s melty and delicious. Sure, I could make a pile of blintzes, but at the risk of sounding sacrilegious, I’m just not a fan. You know what I am a fan of? Fondue. Oh yes, we’re having cheese fondue for Shavuot this year!

Nothing brings a family together quite like a bubbly pot of melty cheese and fresh baked challah. And wine, can’t forget the wine. Oh, and steamed veggies because balance. I don’t have an original recipe for this meal. We’ve been using this Epicurious recipe for years. You can also find packaged fondue at your local grocery store in the deli section. 

Worried about the ick factor of sharing the same cheese with everyone else? Have no fear. We’ve been known to provide ramekins of cheese fondue at the start of the meal. This is also great for little ones so they can reach without too much trouble and the cheese has time to cool a bit.

As for the decor, I kept things on the minimal side. As you can imagine, fondue can get a little messy! As for what we do have here, you probably recognize a couple of last year’s summer crafts – the tie dye Star napkins and stenciled challah cover. I also placed a cute little faux succulent placecard at each setting to help dress up the table a bit. Both the painted glasses and copper fondue pot are original to the fondue craze of the 60s. I inherited the glasses from my grandparents and found the fondue pot from a local vintage reseller. 

What are you doing to celebrate Shavuot this year? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

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