“The Bridge Ladies” by Betsy Lerner

It’s almost Mother’s Day and I have the perfect book to share with you this month – Betsy Lerner’s funny and somewhat relatable memoir The Bridge Ladies. The story begins after moving back to her hometown, and how she reconnects with her mother through a decades-old bridge club. This book gave me strong Joy Luck Club vibes as it centers on a weekly game (bridge instead of mahjong) and recounts the histories of the players. And thankfully, Betsy’s mother is still around to tell her own story.

Feminist baby boomer, Betsy Lerner, has never understood her mother or her bridge club. As she begins to spend more time with her mother and attending the bridge club along side her, she seeks to understand their lives through interviews and even learning how to play the complex card game. While Betsy and her mother don’t necessarily agree on how to live a long, fulfilling life, they are able to bridge the gap and develop a better relationship with each other. And, of course, she is invited to play bridge with the club.

As an avid reader, I tend to prefer reading rather than listening to my books, but for some reason or another (availability maybe?) I opted for the audiobook this time around. I highly recommend it! The reader was very engaging and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at her delivery. I especially loved her during the portion where Betsy’s mother attempts to teach her how to make gefilte fish. Oy vey! If you’re a diehard reader, though, I’m sure it’s just as entertaining as a traditional read.

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