How to Make an Omer Counter with an Acrylic Frame

Hello, my name is Rin, and I’m really bad at counting the omer. I always forget when I’m supposed to start (it’s the second day of Passover). So this year, I’m determined to get it right with this fun and easy acrylic omer counter.

I made mine with a Cricut machine, but I’m sure you can hand cut out the vinyl or find some really cute stickers to get the job done. As for the frame, I got it at my favorite dollar store, where I will forever buy frames in sizes 8 inch by 10 inches or smaller. Because frames are dang expensive anywhere else!

To mark each of the days, I’ll be using a chalk pen to write the number directly on the acrylic. Depending on the paper you choose for your project, a white pen may appear different. I used a pretty, light blue holographic paper, but the chalk paint is not as easy to see when photographed. A classic look would be to choose a mat black for a chalkboard look.

Click here to download the free Omer Counter Template.

Click here to make it with Cricut Design space.



  1. Use the template to cut out the permanent vinyl place the design on the acrylic frame.
  2. If you’re using stickers, place the stickers on the frame in a way that looks beautiful to you!
  3. Cut out a piece of fancy paper to fit the frame and slide it into the frame.
  4. Use a chalk marker to write the days.

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