Whiskey-Infused Chocolate Hamantashen

Oy! Is Purim really so soon?? As in, today?! I’ve got my work cut out for me. But, as a Jewish woman of Irish descent (among other things) I’m also super excited that it’s *also* St Patrick’s Day. I’m not squealing, you’re squealing!

So, I’m honor of many things, I decided to make whiskey-infused chocolate hamantashen. But, like, the easy way. First, I used my favorite hamantashen recipe (I used this one from The Nosher) and swapped out the vanilla with whiskey. Then, I used chocolate hazelnut spread with a bit of whiskey mixed into in to taste (mine was about 1 Cup of chocolate spread with 2 Tablespoons of whiskey).

Finally, I rolled, cut, filled, froze, and SPRINKLED them with green sugar. Because it’s the festive thing to do. Happy Purim and happy St Patrick’s Day!!

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