DIY Clay Hamantashen Wine Charms

There’s just a little more than a week until Purim and the only hamantashen I’ve made so far aren’t even edible. Crazy! I need to get some baking supplies so I can get on that. Usually I’ve made at least 2 batches by now! But I’m not mad at how the clay versions turned out.

I’ve been on a little bit of a wine charm kick lately. Call it nostalgia. I made a bunch of sets using store-bought charms for gifts recently, so when I had some clay leftover from another project, I decided to play around with it and see what I could make. Turns out clay hamantashen are super easy! It’s all those years of baking cookies, I’m sure.

Before this week, it had been a long while since I last made anything with polymer clay. Luckily, it’s just as easy to work with as I remember. Probably why it’s such a popular medium for jewelry-making these days. With so many colors available to choose from, these hamantashen charms are super customizable. You can also make your charms as large or small as you like, and even use them for key chains or earrings! How cute would that be?!


  • Poly clay
  • Head pins
  • Parchment paper
  • Cookie sheet
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Wine charm rings


  1. Knead the clay until pliable.
  2. Make 3/4-inch wide discs that are no thicker than about 1/8-inch.
  3. Make a pea-sized ball of clay in another clay color and place it in the center of the clay disc.
  4. Pinch three corners around the ball to make your hamantashen.
  5. Gently thread a head pin through the clay hamantashen. Do not pull it all the way through!
  6. Bake your charms on a parchment lined cookie sheet according to the clay package directions. (I baked mine for about 30 minutes at 275 degrees Fahrenheit.)
  7. Once the charms are cool, trim the head pins to about 1/2 inch in length at the top of the charm (AKA not the flat side). Use your pliers to twist this section into a loop.
  8. Place the hamantashen charms on the wine charm rings.
  9. Optional: When gifting, place a set of charms in an organza bag to really dress them up!

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