Free Hanukkah Trivia Game

Hanukkah is here in just a matter of hours. Wahoo! I love Hanukkah. And hopefully this post is coming just in time, because I made another trivia. And it’s free! I’m on a total game kick right now. Especially trivia. Basically, my friends and I were all doing this trivia on Tuesday nights, and, well, I’m hooked.

The first trivia you may recall was a Chrismukkah trivia. It was all about Christmas songs written by Jewish songwriters. This one is a straight up Hanukkah trivia. Will everyone in your family know all the answers? I don’t know, probably. But even friends of the tribe can play and still score a few points. And that’s what makes it fun.

This trivia is a bit more general in terms of Hanukkah history and pop culture. It may be easier for some than others, but it’s all about having fun in the end. Know what I mean?

Click here to download a free copy of my Hanukkah trivia game!

In our house we almost always need a tiebreaker. I leave that in your very capable hands. I think last year we had the teams spin dreidel until the first gimel. The prize was, of course, a bag of gelt. Who doesn’t love that?? Good luck and have fun playing!

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