Hanukkah Snowflake Template

It doesn’t always snow for Hanukkah, but when it does, it provides the most beautiful backdrop for a glowing menorah. So what is one to do when the snow doesn’t come? We make our own snow, of course. And by snow, I mean paper snowflakes.

The best part about paper snowflakes is that you can make them look however you like. Fold, cut shapes, and reveal fun new decorations for your home or classroom. After some trial and error and geometry flashbacks, I managed to come up with some easy cuts for making Hanukkah snowflakes, specifically. And then I made not just one, but two templates to share with you so you can make them too!

I made my original snowflakes using the traditional method and used the folded one to make the first template. I used the unfolded template to make the second one for anyone who prefers to use a cutting machine.

Click here to download the hand cutting templates.

Click here to go straight to the Cricut project page.

Now let’s make a Hanukkah snow day to remember! Tag me on Instagram (@rinoutloud) with your beautiful snowflake creations!

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