Cookie Cutter Sufganiyot

How many donut blogs can I do before it’s over the top? Hopefully more than 2 since I’m about to share another one. This recipe includes the same secret weapon that the donut holes had: refrigerated biscuits. The difference lies in the shape. 

Instead of cutting the biscuits into quarters and rolling them into balls, we’re gently flattening them and using cookie cutters to make extra fun donuts. Well, not just any donuts. Warm, yummy Hanukkah sufganiyot. But instead of round ones, I’ve cut them into stars and dreidels. Deep fry those cutouts in some hot oil and bam! Hanukkah is here.

I made these last year and now I can’t stop. I might even be making these guys out of season. I mean, how cute would little heart ones be for Valentine’s Day, or apple ones for Rosh Hashanah? I love it. 

Did I fill these exact ones with jelly? Eek, maybe not. I was in a rush. We’ve all been there. But if I did, I would want to fill them with some wine jelly. Could you imagine? Uh, yum!! 

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