A Cozy Hanukkah Tea Party

It’s here! Today is the day! I’m so excited that all of you were so encouraging with this project. It’s my favorite one that I’ve done all year. And it’s a good thing because there’s only two more weeks before Hanukkah is here!

First, let’s start with the menu. On the bottom tier of a tea tray, you typically have sandwiches and savories. For our tea I made latkes with sour cream and smoked trout caviar, mini bagel sandwiches of cream cheese and lox, and tuna salad finger sandwiches. 

The middle tier is scones. I cheated with this one because teas can be overwhelming. I bought mine at the store. Gasp! I know, but there’s like, a lot of food here. They’re chocolate chip scones, in keeping with the chocolate gelt tradition. 

The top tier is what everyone is really here for: the sweets. Here I have homemade chocolate rugelach with blue sprinkles, cookie cutter sufganiyot, and (store bought) petit fours. 

The tea of the day can be whatever you like. Heck, have cocoa if you want! It’s all about the cozy atmosphere and being with friends and family. 

I set the table with a new runner that my mom gave me this year and these beautiful Hanukkah plates from West Elm circa 2015. They should really bring them back because they are so classic. I also added in some cute little dog figurines with Hanukkah bows for whimsy. My husband thought they were weird, but my daughter and I love them. 

I’ll be back here next week with another fun paper craft and a free game!

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