DIY Hanukkah Gifts for 2021

If you’re gifting style is handmade, then you’re in the right place. I love giving and receiving homemade gift because they’re made with love.

Glitter Champagne Bottle

This post is from Purim, but who doesn’t love a fancy bottle of bubbly? Especially when it’s made with your favorite color.

Stenciled Challah Covers

This is a really easy one! All you need is fabric paint, kitchen towels, and the stencil.

Hikes in a Jar

Dudes are the hardest to buy for, let alone craft. I’d say this one is a pretty good pick for the outdoorsman in your life.

Personalized Bar Sign

Another good guy craft that’s super easy is a personalized bar sign. Of course, this would be a great gift for any craft cocktail fan, too.

Starburst Tie-Dye Napkins

Tie-dye in the fall/winter is a little unusual, but completely doable. Just cover your workspace well with plastic sheets and get folding!

Chutzpah Mug

Love the idea of crafting, but just can’t get around to it? I feel you. Here’s one of my favorite mugs from my Etsy shop. We’ll call it semi-homemade 😉

Want even more DIY Hanukkah gift ideas? Click here to check out last year’s post.

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