“Eight Kisses” edited by Mindy Klasky and Lori Ann Bailey

Calling all Bridgerton fans and Hallmark Christmas movie lovers (you know who you are)! It seems that Hanukkah anthologies are all the rage, and this year’s book does not disappoint.

This collection of Hanukkah romance novellas is the brainchild of authors and editors Mindy Klasky and Lori Ann Bailey. Though it took a few years to come together, it was worth the wait. And I hope I’m not the only one who’s hoping for a follow-on collection.

Ranging from lovely to steamy, the Hanukkah stories from Eight Kisses are a fun read. I had a hard time reading just one story a night, but that might be the book nerd and romance novel lover in me. Each novella tells a romance story as cheesy as the Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel, but I don’t mind. It’s nice to escape into a silly romance from time to time, especially this time of year.

So aside from the fact that I finally got to read romance novels with Jewish main characters, I really loved seeing the different ways that Hanukkah is celebrated. Some of the characters candles and enjoyed quiet meals with loved ones while others had full on Hanukkah block parties, with everything in between. In one story, they had a family tradition of themed nights, which I’ll be taking into consideration for our own celebration this year.

I hope you enjoy reading Eight Nights, and stay tuned for more Hanukkah inspiration!

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