“Jewish Denver: 1859-1940” by Jeanne E. Abrams, Ph.D.

One of my favorite things to do while traveling is to visit historic homes. I love to see that way that people used to live. Call me weird, but there are hundreds of homes around the country to visit, so I can’t be alone. In each of these homes’ gift shops, I swear I always see all of these books with a sepia-toned photo on the front filled with the local history. Little did I know that the same publisher has an entire collection of Jewish histories around the United States.

When we moved out to Colorado from Washington, D.C., my husband was skeptical about our access to a Jewish community. Jewish Denver: 1859-1940 by Jeanne E. Abrams, Ph.D. showed us that the community we have today actually has a past that extends back to the pioneer days. It wasn’t a very long or detailed book (mostly pictures), but it was cool to learn more about the history of the Jewish community in Denver, and other towns like Colorado Springs and Pueblo.

There’s not a book for every major city, but some notable ones that I saw on the website included Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Miami, and Staten Island.

Here’s the link so you can find out more about the collection. Call me a history nerd, but I believe it’s always fun to learn about the places where we live as much as where we travel. Let me know if you read one from a place close to your heart and tell me about it in the comments below!

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