Make Your Own Lulav and Etrog Paper Lanterns

Every year I want to add a lighting element to the sukkah, and every year I sort of bail out on something fancy. Last year we hung up some netted Christmas lights, which were pretty, but not really what I’d had in mind.

This year I scored some really gorgeous fairy lights with greenery attached. I found them at Marshall’s, but here are some similar ones I found online in case you’re interested. So that’s a big boost in ambiance. I still wanted something for the table though, so I created these little paper lanterns using the same lulav and etrog clip art as I used for the disposable dishes from last week’s post. Aren’t they just adorable? I love the extra lighting for our dinners.

Once again, I do own a Cricut, so I know that there’s a lot of cutting involved with my Sukkot projects this year. If you have a Cricut as well, click here to go to the project page.

If not, have no fear. I wouldn’t leave you in the dust like that! Click here for a Free Lulav and Etrog Paper Lantern Template. Directions are included on the printable, but I’ll include them below just in case.



  1. Use the free Lulav and Etrog Paper Lantern Template to cut out your paper lantern on card stock.
  2. Fold along the dotted lines.
  3. Glue the lantern where noted.
  4. Glue vellum rectangles behind each window.
  5. Use battery operated tea lights only.

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