Free Rosh Hashanah Intention Printable

Last year, I posted up a Mindfulness Tree for the High Holidays where we could set intentions as a family. Turns out that I’m as introverted on paper as I am in real life. So I’m taking a new tack this year with a more personal intention printable.

The tree was really beautiful, but it takes a huge leap of vulnerability to write out really deep and meaningful intentions where the whole family can see them. Maybe that’s the point of Yom Kippur, but I found myself holding back.

The hope is that with this year’s intentions, I can have enough space to write my thoughts and be more honest with myself without having to worry who else may be looking. Something else that’s a little different this year is a section on summarizing the previous year and things that are big accomplishments. The High Holidays are about reflecting on the past as well as having good intentions for the coming year. I hope that this printable helps you and yours reflect in a meaningful way.

Click here to download a free copy of the Rosh Hashanah Intention Printable.

Does your family have a special activity to mark Yom Kippur? Share your tradition with us below.

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