“The Color of Love” by Marra B. Gad

This summer has been the best, most relaxing summer I’ve had since I was a kid. Or maybe it just feels that way because things feel more normal than they have in a long time. Either way, I’m loving it. Between crafting and getting back to a semi-normal routine (gym, anyone?) I’ve been working on my reading list. I even scored a few of them at my local thrift shop. Woo!

The Color of Love by Marra B. Gad is the autobiographical story of her experience as a biracial Jew. Let me tell you, from page one I just wanted to give Marra a great big hug. Her story is such an important reminder that we are a diverse people and that we need to do more to be more welcoming to our own. But Marra is a generous soul, which you’ll see as she tells her story.

This is the story of how Marra B. Gad chooses to live her life through love to fight hate. Early in her life, she encounters family member, Great-Aunt Nette, who is glamorous and well traveled. Marra spends much of her youth yearning for a connection with her only to realize as an adult that Aunt Nette is prejudiced against her.

After a horribly public encounter at her sister’s wedding, she and her family cut the aunt out of their lives. Years later, the family discovers that Aunt Nette and her husband have fallen into California state custody due to their rapid decline in health. In a family meeting, Marra decides to take on the task of bringing her home to Chicago to live out the rest of her days near family.

Reading this book felt like having a long coffee with a friend. Her storytelling weaves naturally and brings all sorts of emotions to the table. If this story doesn’t speak to and inspire you, I don’t know what will. It made me wonder if I could make the same choices and put the past behind me to go through so much for a family member who hurt me so greatly. What have you been reading this summer?

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