Shabbat Hikes in a Jar

If there’s one thing that I’m truly grateful for, it’s the Jewish blogging community. I learn so much from my peers and friends. Most recently, I’m starting to take Marion’s (My Jewish Mommy Life) advice on Shabbat hikes to heart.

Each Shabbat, as they are able, Marion’s family goes on a hike. Even when they’re on vacation! As someone who lives in the land of a thousand hikes (Colorado), this idea really resonates with me.

We might not be as diligent in getting out and about, but we are finding that on the days we do hike together, we are much happier. All that fresh air and gorgeous scenery really is good for body and soul.

Since we like to mix things up and take advantage of all the opportunities available to us, I decided to come up with a list of local, family-friendly, and pet-friendly hikes. Then, I placed one location on each popsicle stick and placed them all in a recycled glass jar. Additionally, I used markers to color the ends of the sticks for a bright pop.

If you don’t live in an area with lots of hiking, but you have, say, lots of parks, this would be a great option, too. Get creative with it!

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