“Liner Notes” by Emily Franklin

As we get ready for spring, and hopefully a light at the end of the tunnel for travel restrictions and staying home in general, I have been looking more and more for light-hearted summer reads. Liner Notes by Emily Franklin definitely hits the spot!

In this story, a young woman named Laney has just graduated from a graduate program and is planning to take a solo road trip across the US to her new job. During this trip, she plans to listen to the mixed tapes she’s made throughout her life and reflect on her life since her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Suddenly, her parents arrive in town and her mother, newly deemed cancer free, has decided that she wants to join her daughter on the trip and become reacquainted.

It sounds like a heavy book, but Ms. Franklin weaves a very relatable tale of growing up. It’s like reading a coming of age story, but with an adult perspective. The characters are nice people with normal flaws, and despite the initial tension between mother and daughter, you get to watch them become close again. I loved reading this book, and I’m especially impressed with the number of unique mixed tapes that the author came up with for telling each of Laney’s stories. That’s quite a feat in itself.

I truly enjoyed reading this book and I hope you will too. It’s perfect for dreaming of summer weather and future travels.

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