DIY Moon Phase Seder Plate

Even though I already own a seder plate, I’ve wanted to design a new one for a while. Though beautiful, the one I have has a rainbow confetti look to it, and some years I wish I had something a bit more neutral. Wouldn’t you know, I finally found just the thing I’ve been looking for: this really gorgeous melamine marble tray at Target. But, I couldn’t stop there. I wanted to add just a touch of silver.

After some thinking, I came up with the idea of using a moon phase motif in honor of the lunar calendar. Next, I created a template in the Cricut workspace to cut 6 moon phases and the word “Passover” using the free Limelight font from Google Fonts. Here’s a PDF template in case you don’t have a cutting machine.

Next, I placed each phase on the plate approximately where each of the symbolic foods would sit. I started with the new moon at the top, but it’s really all preference. Since permanent vinyl is not food-safe, I have to recommend the bowls (I’m using prep bowls I found at the dollar store). I don’t know if you guys eat off the actual plate in your house, but it’s been known to happen in mine.

Click here to get the template in Cricut workspace.

That said, permanent vinyl is hand-wash friendly, so you can use this plate for years to come. To make it dishwasher safe, you can even coat the plate in 2-3 thin layers of dishwasher safe Modge Podge. Please note that they recommend a month-long curing time for that. I didn’t believe them once and washed something that wasn’t properly cured and it came off in the dishwasher. It was gross. I have since then allowed for the proper curing time and had dishwasher success.

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