Purim Wine Bottle Tags

Pop culture meets Purim in today’s super easy craft. Using pre-fab Fimo Clay charms, vinyl, and a bit of wit, I think I came up with a mishloach manot hit. Especially for the Schitt’s Creek lovers in your life.

Admittedly, I’ve never seen the show, but I‘ve seen a few “Ew, David” references around. Thinking back to boo-ing Haman during the Megillah reading, I figured I could come up with a fun play on words. And if we’re referencing the bad guy, then we also need to address the heroine in the room. A nice “Yas, Queen” did it for me.

I had planned on buying clay to make marbleized charms, but either I’m not looking hard enough, or my craft store didn’t have any. Fine with me, though, since buying them already cut, dried, and sanded saved me some time.

Next, I cut out the phrases “Yas, Queen” and “Ew, Haman” in very small letters using my Cricut. No Cricut? A fine tip gold paint Sharpie should have the same effect. I measured out 7 inches of gold jewelry chain, looped it through the ring that came with the charm, and then joined the ends together with another ring using needle nose pliers. A *charming* little Purim craft, wouldn’t you say?

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