Galaxy Hamantashen Garland

If you’ve never walked through the scrapbook section of a craft store before, then you are missing out on some of the prettiest papers in the world! From glitter paper to holographic paper and everything in between, the selections these days are pretty stunning. So when I came across this Galaxy Glitz shimmer paper by Recollections, I knew I had to have it. But I also needed a good excuse to buy it. Even with a coupon, some of the fancier papers can get up there in price.

After some brainstorming, and inspiration from Jewish Moms and Crafters, I came up with the perfect reason to indulge: a shimmery Hamantashen garland. If you’ve seen the original post, she made Hamantashen cookies out of black and copper paper.

Using a rotary cutter or a cutting machine is preferred for getting clean circle cutouts. Through some calculations and coffee, I determined that I was able to cut 9-3.75” circles from one piece of 12” x 12” shimmer paper. Next, cut out a triangle stencil from cardboard with each side measuring 3.25”. This will be the stencil you use to ensure even folds.

Place the stencil on the boring side of the paper circle and ensure they’re centered with each other. Then use a scoring stylus or a credit card corner to trace the paper around the triangle. Use enough pressure to make an indent (score mark), but not so much that you tear the paper.

Next, fold your circle into Hamantashen triangles. By overlapping the folds, they should stay closed on their own, but you can also use little dots of hot glue for a good seal, if needed.

Using a 1/8” hole punch, punch out a hole in one corner of each paper cookie. For my banner, I then cut out a 5’ length of silver cord and strung the Hamentashen through. They looked so pretty! And just when I thought I was done, all 9-paper cookies fell into the center of the cord. Whoops. My solution was to space them all out how I liked them and then use a little dot of hot glue where the paper and cord were touching to keep them in place.

I really love how this little garland turned out. I can’t wait to use it to decorate our bar cart for Purim. What’s one of your favorite Purim crafts that you’ve made?

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