Marble Media Cabinet Makeover

I might be years behind on the trend, but I finally decided to try out the marble shelf liner decor hack that’s all over the Internet. I must say, now I know why it’s so popular. After buying new storage for my daughter’s room, I wanted to move the pink-door cabinet into my office for some extra storage. I just didn’t want the pink.

First step was removing the door. Next was toning down the pink so it wouldn’t show through the liner paper. So, after an hour (no kidding) of sanding off the hot pink spray paint using fine grit sandpaper, I finally wiped down the door with some warm soapy water, dried it off, and got down to business.

First, I cut out a piece of shelf liner large enough to cover the front and sides of the back with about a half an inch of extra to frame the back. Then, I removed the backing and placed it on the front of the door with the help of my lovely assistant (AKA husband). Is this stuff static-y, or is it just Colorado?

Once the front was all smoothed down with no bubbles (I highly recommend a credit card and some patience for this), I flipped it over. It took some creative cuts and folding to get clean corner coverage. All I can say is that if you’re a good gift wrapper, this will be easy for you. Cutting little squares out of the shelf liner outside the corners of the door is the best way to describe it.

Me being me, I also decided that it would look more finished with a big rectangle covering the whole back and overlapping the edges from the front, kind of like a book. Just be sure not to cover any important screw holes if you do this, too. The last step was, of course, reattaching the door.

I definitely recommend this shelf liner hack for anyone looking for a quick and inexpensive way to class up an old piece of furniture. I can’t believe how grown up this cabinet looks from where it had started just earlier in the day.

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