How to Make Colorblock Dreidels

I am so excited to share today’s Hanukkah craft with you! Especially because I feel like I have been planning to decorate my own dreidels for what feels like forever.

So what took so long? I was always waiting until the last minute. Whoopsies. This year I started planning for Hanukkah a little earlier (this summer haha). Probably too early, but it’s fine. I ordered my dreidels from ToyingAround on Etsy and they are so beautiful! They also came within a week of ordering, so depending on holiday timelines; you might only have to plan ahead a little bit.

On to the actual DIY itself, this is an easy, but time-consuming craft. Especially if you make 12 like I did. One is probably not so bad. I wanted a whole bowlful of dreidels for my coffee table though.


  • Unfinished wood dreidel
  • Painter’s tape
  • Spray paint in your favorite colors
  • Clear gloss spray paint
  • Gold paint pen or permanent vinyl


  1. Wrap a piece of painter’s tape around the top of the dreidel, leaving just the rounded bottom exposed.
  2. Punch a hole into the bottom of an egg carton and push the top of the dreidel through the hole. Your dreidel should now be upside down and ready to paint.
  3. Follow the directions on your spray paint and give your dreidel 2-3 coats with time to dry in between.
  4. Remove the painter’s tape and spray with the clear gloss spray. Don’t forget to flip the dreidel right side up to coat the top half in clear spray as well.
  5. There were two options that I came up with for the letters. One was to write the letters onto the dreidel using a paint pen. If you go with this option,
  6. I recommend you do this before adding the clear gloss spray. My handwriting is awful, so I used my Cricut to cut out the letters in gold vinyl. You will want to do this *after* the clear gloss spray so the vinyl has something to stick to. I downloaded this font from Google Fonts and used a font size of 90 or 95. Keep in mind that font size may change based on the actual size of your dreidel.

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