Backyard BBQ Shabbat Dinner

When you think of backyard barbecues, do you think about Shabbat? If you don’t, I highly recommend that you try it sometime! It’s the perfect way to enter the Shabbat state of mind.

Keeping the menu simple is key to a successful Friday night dinner outside. We love to grill our protein (sometimes salmon or tofu) as well as our veggies together. If you don’t have a grill, my recipe for pulled BBQ jackfruit is a perfect alternative. Just add challah and a nice cold beverage for meal perfection.

The table is where I like to focus my energy. Now that it’s warm enough to eat outside in the evening, I finally have an excuse to use my fun new outdoor tablecloths and tassel table runners. Don’t forget to set out some cute cork trivets for hot plates if you have a glass table like I do.

The color theme or the evening was inspired by the fact that I like to use our old blue pottery dishes outside so I won’t be sad if they get broken. Well, maybe a little. Plus, we have a lot of blue table linens. In case you were wondering, yes, turquoise is my favorite color! Since it is a Shabbat table, though, I’m willing to risk bringing out our beautiful new Shabbat candles and kiddush cup from Armadillo Judaica Lovers. Maybe I’ll get an outdoor-friendly set later, but I’ll use what I have for now.

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