DIY Backyard Bottle Opener

A couple of years back, I gifted this really sweet looking bear bottle opener to Ruckus. It opens the bottle with its teeth so you don’t have to. Just kidding, please don’t open bottles with your teeth.

He was really excited about this bottle opener because he loves bears. Like, really loves them. But after he got it, he really didn’t know what to do with it. Why? Mostly because we were afraid of mounting it to the wall and having someone accidentally tearing it out of the wall while opening a bottle. A little wooden six-pack bottle carrier was the next idea, but not really his style.

After talking over the dilemma with my parents, they came up with an awesome plan: mount it on a 4” by 4” post. Right before Father’s Day, the three of us (yep, my parents and I) went into the backyard and got it all set up. From start to finish, it probably took about 2 hours, but the final product is so worth it.

Ruckus was so excited about his Father’s Day present! And I know we’ll enjoy it for years to come.



1. Dig a hole per the instructions on the foam mix bag. If you do not dig the hole deep or wide enough, be prepared to cut off the foam overflow while it’s setting. Which is what we did. Don’t do what we did.

2. Stand the post in the hole and have a friend hold it in place. Use a level to make sure it’s standing up nice and straight.

3. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS ON THE FOAM MIX BAG. After you break the seal in the middle of the bag, cut the pouring hole in the corner and pour right away. This stuff expands within seconds and the bag will blow up if you’re not fast enough.

4. Watch the foam expand like a crazy science experiment while still holding the post in place. Once the foam looks more matte than shiny/wet, you (your friend?) can let go.

5. Once the foam sets, replace a shovel or two of dirt around the base of the fence post and tamp it down.

6. Stain the fence post in your preferred color. We live in a community with a special fence color, so we used that to make it match our fence.

7. Once the stain is dry, screw the bottle opener to the top of the post. Finish off the look with mulch or rocks at the base to cover the dirt.

When it’s party time, put your ice bucket of bottled beverages below the mouth of the bear so it catches the caps! Makes for easy access for your guests, and easy clean up for you.

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