Talking Tzedaka with a Preschooler

With everything that’s going on in the world and my daughter becoming more perceptive, Ruckus and I have started to talk through some tougher topics with her. Four seems like such a young age to start talking to her about things like disease and social justice, but it really isn’t. Even in her tender preschool age, she is spotting changes in the world around her.

Talking is good and very important to helping her understand what’s going on. It’s also just part of the equation. The next step is figuring out the different ways that we can help her be part of positive change. Tzedaka (charitable giving) and Tikkun Olam (acts of kindness) are two core tenants of Judaism that we plan to use to guide her and our family through these discussions.

So I found a little unfinished wooden box from the craft store and painted it white (to give the sticker adhesive something to grip to). Then, I took her to a local shop to find some stickers that support various charitable organizations to get her started. She chose two stickers and took great joy in seeing them on her new Tzedaka box.

These stickers will hopefully be joined by other stickers as we as a family find new organizations and movements to support. Many of the larger organizations send stickers as a thank you. Hopefully when she’s older, she will be able to see the story of her charitable giving as told through her decorated Tzedaka box.

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