4 Things I’ve Upcycled Around the House

Raise your hand if your upcycling game has dramatically improved in the last few weeks. Me, me! It’s amazing what I’ve been finding around the house to repurpose.

To be totally honest, some of this started before we all started staying home. And some of it has happened because all that time in the house made me a little wacky. Here are some of the little upcycling projects that I did to stay busy.

Scrap Flannel Cotton Rounds

Turn an old pair of flannel pants or a flannel shirt into the softest cotton rounds ever. Cut out a bunch of of 2.5 inch circles and sew them together on a sewing machine with a zigzag stitch.

Men’s Undershirt Cleaning Cloths

Yucky old undershirts don’t need to be trashed right away. Cut them into cleaning cloths or “paper” towels. You’ll be amazed by their ability to help clean up a mess or clean around the house. Machine wash in hot water to disinfect and use again.

Girls’ Leggings Bike Shorts

Once you use heat bonding tape (like this one) the first time, you’ll wonder where it’s been your whole life. Squeeze some extra time from those toddler leggings that aren’t resale-worthy by turning them into bike shorts. Cut off the bottoms to your desired length and fold up the hem a bit wider than the tape. Line the hem with bonding tape and press with steam.

Curtain Outdoor Tablecloths

Finally, I’m throwing back to last week’s post. Just in case you missed it. I turned a couple of IKEA curtains into outdoor tablecloths.

Tell me what kinds of crazy projects you’ve been working on in the comments below or tag me on the Socials!

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