How to Turn Curtains into Outdoor Tablecloths

This post probably feels self-explanatory. “Don’t you just put the curtain on the table?” Yes. That is totally an option. But I took it two steps further. You see, I have a cute outdoor dining set that has in umbrella that goes through the table and so I’ve often been faced with the option of tablecloth OR umbrella. I wanted tablecloth AND umbrella. 

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So, the first step that I took this upcycling project through was adding a hole in the center of my old IKEA curtain. Specifically, a giant button hole. I made it about 3 inches wide to ensure that it would go around the umbrella pole. 

Once that was done I got really crazy. I mean, I had a couple of curtain panels, so why settle for just 1 tablecloth? So I picked up some Rit Dye in Coral and Aquamarine and I dyed the other panels in my washing machine. I’ve always wanted to dye something in my washing machine. It’s fun being an adult. In case you’re my mom, no it did not dye the washing machine. Or the wash load after it. The key is to follow the directions provided on the Rit Dye website and then thoroughly was your machine afterward. Like, run a full cycle with washing machine cleaner. 

Voila! Now I have 3 fun new tablecloths that I can use with the umbrella. You can be sure that these lovelies will be showing up in future posts!