How to Host a Chocolate Seder

Yes, friends, you read that right. We’re having a chocolate Seder this year. Ruckus and I are all about the offbeat Seder plates. Check out last year’s sushi Seder here.

I didn’t totally come up with the chocolate Seder idea by myself. Our local synagogue hosted one last year. Alas, we were unable to make it, and I can only guess what different chocolates they subbed in for everything. So, while I didn’t come up with the idea, all the subs listed below I came up with on my own based on my understanding of what each piece of food should reflect throughout the Seder.

  • For the maror, or bitter herbs, we’re keeping it simple with semi-sweet chocolate to keep in tradition with the bitter flavors.
  • The chazeret is represented by spicy chocolate. This was the closest thing I could think of to something like, say horseradish.
  • We went full on hazelnut spread for the charoset. It’s sweet and delicious, and very mortor-like in consistency.
  • I feel pretty clever about our karpas sub: sea salt dark chocolate. You get the bitter herbs dipped in saltwater effect without actually dipping your chocolate in saltwater.
  • The zeroa, or lamb shank, is represented here with a white chocolate bone piped by yours truly.
  • And finally, the roasted egg is represented here with a white chocolate-covered candies orange.

I made all my chocolate pieces at home by melting down the different chocolate chips, spooning out tablespoons onto parchment, and topping them accordingly. If you don’t have the time, I believe you can buy all these chocolate flavors at the grocery store.

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