Easy Upcycled Purim Graggers

I realized after we did our Purim dessert cart that we managed to leave out a major tradition: the noisemakers! Well, I grabbed some toilet paper rolls and wine corks, my hot glue gun, some glitter paper, and got cracking.

If you’re wondering who just has TP rolls and corks hanging around the house, I don’t blame you. It wasn’t until recently that I made a conscious effort to save them because I was finding that they were major players in upcycled and kids crafts. When the stash starts getting out of hand, I take them into my daughter’s school for the teachers’ art closet. 

Also, if you don’t have glitter paper on hand, you need to get some. It’s amazing for two reasons. One, it immediately makes every paper craft look instantly more festive. Two, it’s mess free. MESS FREE. Gotta love that.

Once I figured out the right dimensions for the glitter paper (4.5 in by 6 in), they came together super quick and easy. I used the hot glue gun to glue down the beginning, middle, and end of the 4.5 in side of the glitter paper and wrapped it around the TP tube. Then, I glued one end shut, popped in a chopped up cork, and glued down the other end in the opposite direction.

If you find that the paper didn’t quite wrap around perfectly, it’s ok. Just trim the sides down after gluing. This not only hides the imperfect wrap job, but also gives it a nice finished look. No one will ever know!

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