How to Style a Dessert Cart for Purim

While I was thinking about how I wanted to theme our Purim celebration this year, I was really inspired by the mimosa bar concept. The bright citrusy colors and bottles of bubbly seemed like a good place to start.

When it came down to colors, I pulled pink, purple, and gold straight from the colors of the juices used in a typical mimosa bar setup. The color scheme was used in everything from the decorations to the desserts themselves. And then I started to apply a bit of a twist to the theme.

I went for full non-traditional by serving up champagne floats with raspberry and mango sorbets. Non-drinkers can be offered sparkling water for a similar effect. Then, I made a batch of Mimosa Hamentashen Cookies. Finally, a bit of kid-friendly fun, I made up a batch of sugar cookies and Chocolate Covered Pretzel Snaps. Both of which were decorated with the party colors.

The cherry on top for this dessert cart was adding a few mishloach manot to-go with these cute matching tags (click here for your free printable!) that guests could take with them when the party is over. I found these boxes in the wedding section of my local craft store, but you can find hundreds of different favor boxes in all shapes and colors online, too. Here’s wishing you a happy (and safe!) Purim celebration.

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