Mimosa Hamantashen Cookies

After 3 major Hamantashen cookie fails, I think I finally found a cookie recipe that won’t succumb to the high altitude baking quandary. I still had to make an adjustment to the baking powder (1/2 teaspoon instead of 1 teaspoon), but I’d like to thank Jamie Geller for a solid Hamantashen recipe. No melting or unfolding! Yay!

Now that I have a cookie recipe, I’m excited by all the possibilities again, starting with this mimosa-inspired cookie. It’s super easy to make. You just fill the cookies with orange marmalade, and then drizzle on a champagne icing (2 Tablespoons of champagne for every cup of powdered sugar). If you love mimosas (who doesn’t?!), this sweet combo is a must try!

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