How to Make Your Own Canvas Scroll Art

Over the summer, Ruckus and I decided to turn our wet bar/rec room area into a tiki bar. And since this is us we’re talking about, it’s more like minimal tiki. A big faux palm over here, some funky art there and some blue velvet chairs. Aside from a few souvenir glasses, we’re nixing the tchotchkes.

The biggest issue we had was a really big wall that demanded oversized art. On the cheap. Soo hard. Off to Amazon I went, where I found a nice trio of birds in size extra, extra large. (Update: This set is sadly no longer available, but there are lots of oversized canvases available out there!) And since we were on a budget, I had to get creative with the frames. Believe it or not, I spent less than $10 to frame these pretty ladies!

Making these scrolls was seriously a team effort. Ruckus cut the dowels down to size (2 inches longer than the widths of the posters) and mom helped me sew the top and bottom around the dowels for the scroll effect. I probably could have glued them, but the stitching just gives me piece of mind that they will hold together.

We did learn during the sewing process that you need to used a heavy gauge needle for canvas. I think it was a 16. Otherwise your thread will keep breaking. The final touch was some bright turquoise cord that I found on clearance tied on either side at the top.

I think it came together pretty nicely, don’t you?

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