DIY Hand Painted Dalmatian Dot Wall

This might be the craziest thing I’ve ever done. This might be the craziest thing that Ruckus has let me decorate. But, after I saw this post on Mr. Kate, I really wanted to try it for myself. It seemed like just the right kind of DIY to add a fun design element to my daughter’s room and keep it budget-friendly. I’d say the $20 risk was worth it this time!

This project is deceptively simple. The only tools needed are 3 or 4 different sized round or oval brushes (I used a set like this), a sample of black wall paint (I used Valspar Dark Kettle Black), and some serious courage. Oh, and you need to embrace imperfections and white space. This is hands down the most difficult part. I recommend practicing on paper first. This helped me better visualize the dot sizes and spacing, and get a good feel for the drip factor on the paint.

I started with my largest brush first. Load it with enough paint that the tip is nice and wet, but not dripping. Dripping is bad. If it drips on your brush, it will drip on the wall. Then, touch the wall with the end of the brush. Don’t swirl, don’t brush. Just touch the wall gently.

Now for the hard part. Leave lots of white space. That means don’t fill in your wall with lots of big dots. You can always add, but you can’t take away. Once that black paint is on the wall, it’s done. Leave big, big spaces (12-18 inches maybe?) between your big dots. Step back every so often and look at the whole wall from across the room. Then move to your medium brush, and finish with your little ones. Think of your dot ratio like this: 1 big dot to 2 medium dots to 3 little dots.

So. You ready to do this? I think you are, and I hope you share photos with us on Instagram!

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