Millennial Latkes

Hanukkah is here, and so are the latkes! This year we decided to forego the traditional toppings of sour cream and applesauce for something a bit more fun. I’ve recently become a big fan of putting avocados and Everything Bagel seasoning on my bagels, and Ruckus is always down for lox, so we thought we’d see how it all tasted on latkes.

It didn’t really occur to me how stereotypically Millennial it all was until I assembled the latke board. I guess we’re just a product of the times. And also, who doesn’t love this stuff?

In any case, the whole family gave the Millennial Latkes a double thumbs up, and even asked for a repeat performance before the holiday is over. Who knows? Maybe this will be our new Hanukkah tradition.

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