Gelty Pleasure Cocktail

The best part of Hanukkah for me is the latkes. I’m just a savory person like that. But if you ask Ruckus, it’s definitely about the gelt (chocolate). So much so that I actually thought about doing DIY gelt this year, but I didn’t get it together in time. It was for the best, though because I feel like I came up with something even more awesome.

As I searched for something that was a little bit different and a lot easier for our celebration this year, I stumbled across these chocolate shot glasses. These buddies are certified Kosher and delicious. I chose dark chocolate cups, but you can also find them in white chocolate.

The next part was what to put in them. An old classic is to pour the adults a serving of port wine in the chocolate cups as an apertif. For a fun Hanukkah twist, we used the ever-popular Manischewitz Kosher wine. If you’ve never had it before, it basically tastes like alcoholic grape juice. That said, it’s extremely drinkable (to many) and very affordable so that families can celebrate the holidays without breaking the bank. Now this stuff is not typically my favorite, but it actually pairs with the chocolate quite nicely. I also like that you can use grape juice for the kids so they can have a fun dessert, too.

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