DIY Silver Star Napkins

From kids’ art activities to sophisticated DIY gift ideas, it seems like potato stamping is in blogs everywhere right now. While perusing the DIY gift ideas, I noticed two things. One was that potato stamps actually could look nice. The other is that there were plentiful gift ideas for almost any occasion. After giving it some thought, I thought that Little A and I should give it a try for our Hanukkah table. So, I got some napkins, some silver fabric paint, and a potato, and off we went.

Now that the napkins are done, I’m wondering why it took so long to try out this craft. No wonder it’s often recommended for kids: it’s super easy to do! Also worth noting, fabric paint really can be washed. I waited until the paint had set for at least 24 hours, just in case, then I threw them in the wash. I already can’t wait for another excuse to make more of these napkins.


– 6 White Cloth Napkins

– Silver Fabric Paint (I prefer Martha Stewart’s craft paint)

– Wide Flat Paintbrush

– 1 Potato

– Cookie Cutter (I used a star, but a dreidel would be super cute, too)

– Knife

– Cutting Board


Step 1: Slice the ends off each side of the potato longways so that you have a thick, wide slab of potato. Push the cookie cutter through the slab to make your stamp. If the potato feels a bit damp, use a towel to gently squeeze the moisture out.

Step 2: Use the paint brush to coat the bottom part of the potato stamp with paint. Make sure there is no excess paint on the sides of the stamp.

Step 3: Place the stamp paint side down on the napkin wherever you like (we did a border on one side of the napkin) and apply gentle, even pressure on the stamp. Hold the napkin down and pull the stamp away from the cloth.

Step 4: Allow your napkins to dry for at least 24 hours and wash before use.

We love our napkins so much that we’re keeping them, but I know we’ll be doing them again in the future for a DIY gift.