DIY Personalized Challah Rolls

Can you believe that Rosh Hashanah is almost here?? Seems like summer flew by in the blink of an eye again. How does that always manage to happen?

As we were brainstorming our dinner for this year, I was really inspired by Shira’s painted challot from @Itsaconfettiparty (Instagram). If you don’t know who I’m talking about, you need to go check out her Instagram right meow because girlfriend is TALENTED. And she makes beautiful, unique, creative, and downright delicious looking challah every. Single. Week. Can you say Jewish mom goals?

Anyway, I am not that talented or creative, but I can write sort of legibly. So, I came up with the smaller scale, slightly less intimidating idea of making personalized challah rolls for our New Year’s dinner.

Here’s the deal: all it takes is your challah recipe, a little extra rolling and braiding, and an edible pen. Yes, they make edible markers. And you can get them at your local craft store. Pretty nifty, right?

I was a little nervous about the ink running when the egg wash was applied, but it actually stayed in place pretty well. I waited about 5 minutes between writing the names (use a very light touch so you don’t drag the dough) and adding the wash, so that probably helped. And that’s pretty much it! These rolls were placed at everyone’s seat around the table and really made our dinner extra special. Since our challah recipe makes a lot of dough, I was even able to make a few 3-strand rolls to go in the freezer for later. They’ll be a perfect addition for a Shabbat dinner after a crazy week.