How to Fold a Napkin Bowl

Napkin folding is one of those kind of silly, but also kind of cool party details. Once you get the hang of a napkin fold, you can’t wait to try out another. It’s a really fun and inexpensive way to dress up a table.

I came up with this napkin fold because I wanted to set a table that left a sweet treat for each of the guests. If you don’t have cloth napkins, you can probably still use paper. Just be careful while you’re tucking and folding so they don’t rip.


Step 1: Fold the napkin in half. Position the napkin on the counter so that the fold is on top, or furthest away from you.

Step 2: Take the upper right hand corner and bring it down toward you so that it forms a triangle. The fold should meet the middle of the napkin, so don’t worry if the edges don’t touch (like mine).

Step 3: Take the bottom left corner and bring it up away from you so that it forms another triangle. This triangle should meet the first one in the middle.

Step 4: Carefully flip the whole thing over.

Step 5: Fold the napkin in half lengthwise. Basically, fold the bottom half up to the top of the napkin.

Step 6: Now, the tricky part. Take the left side of the napkin and tuck it into the pocket in the middle. What you’re doing here is making sure that the flappy little triangles are all tucked in and you’re forming the first side of the bowl.

Step 7: Flip the whole thing over and tuck the other flap into the pocket for the second side of the bowl.

Step 8: Open your bowl.

Step 9: Fill it with goodies! This bowl is really versatile, so get creative.

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